Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mini Vacation

At the beginning of the week. I went for a little vacation. Mom, dad and I left for St. Louis Sunday afternoon and didn't come home until Wednesday evening. We had to go up to St Louis for some of my doctor appointments. All of my appointments went well. I had a followup hearing test done. And of course I passed that test. And then on Wednesday I had two more appointments to go too. I saw neurology and they just wanted to know how I am doing and how I am doing developmentally. And of course I showed off a little for them by holding my head up for a little bit. And then while we were up there mom and dad decided to do some Christmas shopping. That was too exhausting for me, but I behaved very well though. I even got my picture taken with Santa. I wasn't too excited to see Santa so of course I didn't smile but I also didn't cry like all the other kids did that were in line. And then of course since we were in St Louis I had to see my Aunt Jen and Uncle Jason. Of course she had to spoil me a little bit. We got a lot of Christmas presents, some for me and some for others. I even got a sneak peek at some of them.

I also got to go swimming for the first time. I wasn't too sure about the pool. It was a little cold. But I really liked to hot tub. I floated and kicked my feet. But that was short lived because then about 10 girls came in and made a lot of noise and splashed everywhere, and I didn't like that at all.

Splash, splash, splash!!!

Look! I'm floating all by myself!!

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