Thursday, November 30, 2006


Guess what? I went to the doctor yesterday and I actually gained weight. In fact about a half a pound. I am not sure how I did it because it seems like I have been throwing up a lot to have gained that much. But who cares because I am gaining. I also got some more good news, my ear infection is gone. I even celebrated by not sleeping at all last night. Mom even called into work because she had to stay up with me all night. I think I slept MAYBE 2 hours last night. Even though I didn't sleep last night, I really have been in a good mood all day and haven't slept to much today either. I only took about a 2 hour nap all day. So I will probably sleep pretty good tonight. I don't think mom will like me if I stay up again because she can't afford to stay home another day.

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