Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well what has changed since the last time? I have been extra, extra fussy. Not sleeping. Driving my mom and dad crazy. And making a lot more noises. Why is this you ask? Well, I have been fussy and not sleeping because I am getting another tooth. And not just a tooth but a molar. And man do those hurt. But it finally broke through yesterday and feels much much better. I finally got a good nights rest last night by sleeping ALL night. Mom and dad liked that a lot. I have also been making a lot more different noises and sounds. And I really like listening to myself. Another thing that I have discovered is that I don't like being myself. The other night mom was making supper and I was in the living room playing. I was fine for awhile but then I discovered I was by myself. So I started fussing and made mom stop to play with me. On another note, I have taken a liking for real food. I will still eat the baby food but it sure isn't the same as the real stuff. Mom is still trying to feed me baby food every once in awhile to get rid of it. Good thing I am not a picky eater. I can't wait till that's all. My favorite food now is ravioli. One of the reasons I am eating adult food is because I am chewing my food up much better. I used to not chew so well and gag on a lot of my food. But I have finally achieved the whole chewing concept. I still gag every now and then when I am not paying attention or are so hungry I forget to chew.

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