Sunday, July 02, 2006

Early mornings

This is what I was NOT doing at 3 o'clock this morning or the morning before. Yesterday morning and this morning I decided I wanted to be up bright and early. I thought it was time to be up. I woke up bright and early and mom gave me a bottle thinking I was hungry and well I kind of was so I drank my bottle but then I wanted to stay up for a little while. Mom put me back to bed hoping I would go back to sleep but I didn't. I laid there and played and listen to my music until I fell to sleep. I did sleep in this morning until 9:00. So I was ready to go after that. Mom and I have been playing all morning and even did a little therapy. Which tuckered me out. So then it was time for my afternoon nap. I'll try not to sleep to long so then maybe I'll sleep through the night and not have to wake mom up so early tomorrow morning.

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