Sunday, June 11, 2006


Man have I been busy lately. I have been on the go a lot since mom has gone back to work. I went to the babysitters 3 days last week. I went to my grandparents house the others days. I've been so busy that only 1 therapist came to see me that week. It was kind of nice to have a break. But I have 3 coming this week and maybe another one to make up for last week. So that will be exhausting.
On another note, I got to a liking for tomatoes. Dad decided to give a me a taste of one the other day when we went out to eat at El Torrero's. And man was it good. It was so good I ate the whole slice and it was a big slice.
I am also talking a lot more. I am getting different sounds out. I still like to say "uh" the most but I also say "ah", "ooh", and "ga" every now and then. Still no mama or dada yet. Eventually.

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