Thursday, April 13, 2006


I have decided I am a pretty good supervisor. Today I watched mom do laundry and I made sure she folded everything right and hung everything up straight. I talked to her the whole time and watched to make sure she didn't mess up. I had to correct her a couple of times and yell at her. I also watched her load the dishwasher, but she did everything right. Yesterday, I got to help mom and dad cut down some limbs from a tree. Of course I made them do all the hard work and I just supervised. It looked like it was hard work. So I kept my mouth shut and just worked on my tan.

I usually enjoy being outside except when the sun is in my eyes. Mom takes me for a stroller ride everyday and that is a lot of fun and is also relaxing. I sometimes fall asleep it is so relaxing. We always stop by the neighbors and visit with her dog Gracie. She used to bark everytime I went by but now she doesn't mind when I cross her tracks.

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