Sunday, April 16, 2006

1st Easter

Happy Easter! I had a very busy weekend. First of all, I got to go to a different farm on Saturday. It was nothing like my grandpa's, this one was a lot more fun....I think. My cousins, Luke and Drew, went with me. There were chickens and sheep that you could look at. Then there were some little baby chickens and ducks that you could pet but I didn't really want to pet them. Also some rabbits. Then I got to sit on the Easter bunny's lap and get my picture taken with him. I even smiled a little and didn't even cry. Unlike, my cousin Drew who cried and Luke who didn't even want to get close to him. Then I got to go on an Easter egg hunt, I got one egg and Luke helped me with the rest. But the best part of the trip was a horse and buggy ride. That was a lot of fun. I also got an egg painted on my face.

Then that evening I got to go to my Aunt Doris and Uncle Dick's house. I also got to see my other cousins Nick and Joe. They sure can eat a lot. I got to tell Doris all about what I did earlier and I wouldn't stop talking. I just kept telling her the same story over and over.

On Sunday, I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's on the farm. And got to see my Aunt Jen and Uncle Jason. I almost forgot who they were it's been so long. I think Jen is going to be my favorite aunt because she feeds me sweets. She fed me this cream cheese dessert and man was it good! I'm going to be up all night long.

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