Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am getting stronger every day. The therapist think I am doing great. I mean look at me sitting up all by myself. I am such a big boy. But it is still really hard. But I am working on it. The other night me and mom were sitting on the floor and she was holding my body and I held my head all by myself for about 30 seconds. That's a record. I even did it again the next day. I am determined to hold it up because dad said if I don't hold it up by the time I am a year old, he says I don't get any birthday cake. And you all know how I like my sweets.

Now that were on the topic of sweets. My speech therapist brought me a sucker yesterday during therapy. I guess she thinks I am doing really good. But later I found out that it was actually for therapy. She wants me to get my tongue stronger. Because sometimes when I am eating food I like to push it out with my tongue. She said most babies do that but a way to work on that is by sticking your tongue in and out. So that is what the sucker was really for, but I got to taste it and man was it good. I was sticking my tongue in and out the whole time. I think she is going to be my favorite therapist.

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