Saturday, April 22, 2006

Go, Go, Stop

I've learned a new game. I like to imitate other peoples voices. Well it's more like they say something and I come back with "uh". But dad tells me to go and then we go back and forth and when he says stop, I stop. I stop almost everytime. I know I am just so smart. But I really like playing it and we play all the time.

I worked really hard today. And by that I mean supervising. Mom, dad and I worked outside all day today. We first went over to Grandma Vickie's and helped her in her yard. But that wore me out after awhile and I took a little nap. But then we came home and worked some more outside. But of course I just watched and played with the neighbors dog. He liked licking my feet. I am sure I'll sleep good tonight.

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