Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Feeling So Well

The stomach bug has hit Tyler like a brick wall. He started throwing up last Saturday and wasn't able to keep anything down. Sunday was much better. He was eating and drinking with no problems. So Monday came along and we sent him off to school. Well that didn't last long, the school nurse called me at work and said he has thrown up multiple times and has had diarrhea. So back home we went. Tuesday and Wednesday, the vomiting decreased a little but he still had diarrhea. Late Wednesday morning, he refused to eat or drink anything. I was trying everything from water, juice, Sprite, Gatorade, popsicles. But he would just clench his jaw down and refused to open his mouth and shake his head back and forth. He was really pale and weak. And for the size Tyler is, he can't afford to not eat or drink for very long. We were worried he was getting dehydrated, so we headed to the hospital. We spent the next 6 hours in the E.R. getting fluids. Luckily the doctors didn't think that he was bad enough to observe him overnight, so they discharged us. He has perked up a little but still not feeling up to par. But hopefully we are on the downward slide of things and he can get back to his goofy self.

 I was some what surprised how quick our hospital trip was. We got in and out of there in a timely manner and the nurses and doctors were great. We usually don't have good experiences with our local hospital but I have to say they did it right this time. The doctor was very informative and had great bed side manners. And the nurses were extremely nice and comforting as they were were getting an IV started. It still took 2 nurses and 6 sticks to get one, but we have had much worse experiences.

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