Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost tooth, IEP, and rolling over

There is just not enough hours in the day to keep up with my blogging like I would like too. But I do my best to get a post in every now and then.

First off, Tyler lost his first tooth...literally. It had been loose for a while. You wouldn't have known it was loose by just looking into his mouth, you would only know if you wiggled it with your own fingers. So I thought we still had time before the little thing would fall out or we would need to pull it. We know he lost it sometime after supper and before bath time one evening. I went to brush his teeth and noticed a hole. I thought I may have knocked it loose when I started brushing his teeth, so I quickly did a finger swoop through his mouth, but nothing was in there. I scanned across the carpet around him and still nothing, so we took the assumption that he had swallowed his first tooth. How devastating that would be to most kids, but Tyler didn't seem to really care. But we wrote a note to the tooth fairy anyways and luckily she accepted the note in place of the tooth.

We also had Tyler's annual IEP meeting. I still can't believe Tyler will be starting 2nd grade next year. That just blows my mind. Most of his previous goals had been in place for the past couple of years and he has been making good progress towards them. They will still work on some of these goals within the classroom, they just won't be tracking them. So it was time to focus on some new areas and create all new goals. Some of the goals include:
  • Maintain standing in alignment while taking assisted steps
  • Transitioning to a sidelying to a sitting position with minimal assitance
  • Identifying body parts, focusing on head, stomach and ears (very functional when asking what hurts)
  • Identifying his name out of a field of two
  • Socializing with his peers using his communication device
  • Placing his hand over heart when class says the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Assist in feeding self

Now onto Kenna. She is starting to be a lot more active. She is purposefully playing and reaching for toys. She loves the toys that make the crinkly noises and books with mirrors. But her most exciting news is that she just rolled over from her belly to back this weekend. She's really close to rolling from her back to belly, but she hasn't quite figured out how to get her arm out once she gets to her belly. Travis says that it should count as rolling over, but I don't think it counts until she gets that arm out. I don't think it will be to much longer and she'll be rolling all over the place.

Kenna has also discovered her thunb over the past couple of weeks =)

2 hours after I posted this, what does Kenna do? She rolls from her back to belly. She is growing up too fast.

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