Thursday, December 01, 2011

When did he get so big?

Due to my recent c-section, I was out of commission for awhile, in the regards of caring for Tyler. I still haven't been cleared to lift him. But this past week, I have slowly and carefully been lifting him. Travis and my mom have been wonderful in helping out. Travis has been taking him to school, giving him baths and so much more. My mom has picked him up from school several days and been taking him to therapy. So the first few times I picked Tyler up he felt like he grew and gained so much. Has he? Or is it that I'm around a 5-6 pounder, called Kenna, all day that makes him feel bigger.

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Michelle said...

I couldn't lift Owen for 4 weeks after my recent surgery and although the scales call me a liar I could have sworn he gained 5 pounds at least while others were lifting him. Sigh, the muscles atrophy quickly! Tyler is looking awesome though, check out the amazing sitting up skill he's showing off there!