Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Two big motivators for Tyler are swinging and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We use these 2 things in different ways. For example, tonight Tyler was doing a little belly time (which he hates). I guess I shouldn't say hate, he just dislikes it and squirms around not wanting to push up and lift his head up.

So, I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the laptop and placed it in front of him. He immediately lifts his head up and holds it there for several minutes to watch the show.

Hey if it works and he keeps his head up, why not.

And he's down for the count!

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Kristen said...

It's crazy how many 'motivators' we have in our house! Before children, Mike and I said we would not parent using 'motivators'. Kids will learn to listen without bribery. Ha!! Funny how irony got us on that one. :)