Monday, June 06, 2011

Family History

Back in February (I told you I was behind), my mom and dad were honored to be recognized as a Century Farm recipient, meaning that the farm has been in the family for at least 100 years. My dad is the 5th generation to be farming the land. My great-great-great grandpa came over from Austria in 1852 and settled in the small town of New Wells. In 1856 he purchased 40 acres and in 1862 he purchased 160 acres for $20 (12.5cents/acre). Wow!! Wouldn't it be nice for things to be that cheap now.

The land was then passed down to my great-great grandpa, then great grandpa, then my grandpa and now my dad. Thru all these years it has even kept the Mirly name.

It is such an honor for my parents to keep on this tradition. Love you, Mom & Dad.

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Lisa Asmus said...

That's so cool! My sister and her husband live on his family's century farm in Whitewater. They have an official sign even :)