Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who's in Charge?

Tyler knows how to work the ladies and his therapists. All he has to do is give them that sweet little smile and he gets whatever he wants. He has them wrapped around his cute little fingers.

So today in therapy, he got exactly what he wanted. First let me say, that he is getting really good at saying no by shaking his head. Although a lot of the times when you ask him any question, he will answer no. Even if he means yes. We are working on that but aren't quite there.

So back to today in therapy, it was nearing the last 10 minutes of therapy and Jenny, his therapist, asked Tyler if he wanted to lay on his side and push up to a sitting position. He looked her straight into her eyes and shook his head NO. We both laughed because he is not a fan of that task. She then asked him 'would you rather get on the swing.' He did NOT shake his head no, instead he said "eh" and smiled really big. So what does Jenny do, he lets him swing for the remainder of the session.

Again I say "Who's in Charge?"

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