Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teaching golf etiquette

Travis has been dying to take Tyler golfing with him. We knew Tyler would love riding in the golf cart. And just the idea of being outside, he loves!! So yesterday, the three of us ventured to the golf course. We took his seat and strapped it to the cart and took off.
Tyler did great. Although he has a little bit of golf etiquette to learn. He was a little vocal when we were teeing off. But there was no harm done :) It was actually kind of cute!
It was extremely warm yesterday and wasn't sure if Tyler would make it the entire 18 holes but he was a trooper and made it. We made sure to drink a lot of water. At least there was a nice breeze.


Michelle said...

What a great day!

Kristen said...

What a sweet post. I love seeing the ways families get out and enjoy things. I once thought Hydrocephalus would mean stopping us from being able to get out much, and for some I know that is their reality. But basically I am trying to say, it's so awesome Tyler went golfing. And my cheeks are still grinning imagining his jabbering being heard on the quiet grounds of the course.

P.S. Responding to your comment posted on my blog today - I have the same occurring for me too...half written posts backdated waiting to be finished. :)