Sunday, January 09, 2011

Modified Ball Pit

Tyler got a sandbox for Christmas that we are going to convert into a ball pit and then if we want we can change it into a sandbox. But honestly I hate the thought of sand getting everywhere. I am sure his therapists would love Tyler playing in sand since it is a good sensory thing but I will have to ponder on doing that for awhile. So for know its a ball pit. The only problem is is that the ball pit is still at my parents house because it didn't fit our car with all the other presents. So for now this will have to do.


Kristen said...

*chuckling* He looks so cute and sweet squished in that laundry basket.

We did the same thing with Cayman's "sandbox". She got one for her 2nd birthday. And in March it was way too cold to set it up outside, and I didn't want the mess of sand in the house. So we took her 200 soft balls that she had gotten for Christmas and turned the "sandbox" into a ball pit. That ball pit is still in the middle of her room!! She is starting to play less with it now so I do believe it will finally make its way out to the backyard this summer and become a real sandbox. :)

TherExtras said...

That smile seems to say - find a way to get it home! Sand can come later, if ever. ;) Barbara