Friday, October 15, 2010

"It's Magic" says Dad

So I had a comment from Jill yesterday about how we got shorts on Tyler. According to Travis it was magic, with the help of scissors and velcro. So I thought I would post about how we figured it out.

With a cast like Tyler's it was definitely going to be challenging. I am not a seamstress at all. I'd be good if I can sew on a button. I have learned to stitch the waist of Tyler's pants and that's about it. Since Tyler is so small, most of his pants and shorts need to be taken in at the waist. So that has been about my limit with sewing/stitching. I'm not even sure if stitching is the right term :-) All I use is a needle and thread. Sewing machines are too complicated.

So what I did was cut the crotch out of each leg. I then placed small strips of velcro about an inch apart. I thought I was going to have to stitch each piece of velcro but the type of velcro I bought was sticky on one side so I was lucky enough that I was able to stick each piece of velcro where they needed to be and they stuck without falling off. Luckily he won't be needing these for very long because I'm not sure how long the velcro will stick.

Now that the velcro was in place, it was time to put the shorts on. But the waist of the shorts was not wide enough to go over his cast, which we knew it wouldn't. So instead we put the shorts on over his head and down his belly all the way down to his waist and then fastened the velcro tabs in place. Luckily he's a small guy and doesn't have a huge belly.

The crotch cut out.

Placing the velcro.

The final product.


Kristen said...

UH!! Clever!

Travis is so funny..."magic". haha.

Audrey Sue's Mommy said...

We did that with Audrey too when she was in full time braces :). It made diaper changes much easier at daycare.
Very clever with the Velcro... We had a friend of the family sew in snaps but had to wait for them.
I can imagine the thought going through Tyler's head as you explain to him you're going to put on his pants and then put them on over his head. He's probably like "what the heck, Mom?"