Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 3

It's Day 3 in the hospital (2nd day post-op). Tyler was moved out of the ICU yesterday and onto the main floor. It is much more peaceful on this floor. They actually changed the trashed during normal day time hours and not at 1am like they did in the ICU. Doesn't quite make sense to me but whatever. So far we have no roommate so it has been wonderful and spacious in the room. There is a couch and a chair that folds out to sleep on and our OWN bathroom. So keep your fingers crossed we don't get a roommate.

Tyler's heart rate was still in the 150's when he got moved from the ICU to the main floor. They weren't too concerned about it and thought it was just elevated due to possibly pain and a little bit of blood loss from surgery. Yesterday afternoon it seemed to creep up a little higher and into the 160-170's. They ordered some blood work and since the counts came back a little on the low side, they decided to give him a blood transfusion today. So hopefully that will help lower his heart rate.

The other big thing that happened today was that he finally got to eat. So far he has been on a clear liquid diet. The day of his surgery, Tyler was nauseous and wasn't able to keep anything down, medicine or water. Yesterday he was able to keep water and juice down all day. So finally this morning, they cleared him from that diet. I was a little skeptical about feeding him (just because I thought he would get nauseous) but I knew that he had to be hungry. For breakfast he ate the ENTIRE bowl of oatmeal and all of his spaghetti and applesauce for lunch. So far he has been keeping everything down, so I guess he proved me wrong. When it comes to that, Tyler can prove me wrong any day.

Under all circumstances, Tyler has been in a comparable mood. He has been awake most of yesterday and today. He slept fairly well last night (except for the vital checks every 4 hours). But after not sleeping at all in the ICU, we'll take 4 hours at a time. We've had several visitors yesterday and a couple today. So thank you for all those who came to see us. The hardest thing is passing time in the hospital. You can tell that Tyler is bored. He has watched cartoons and movies but his favorite thing to pass the time is playing with his balloons.

Tyler with his balloons and other gifts that people have sent.
Tyler watching his favorite cartoon (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and even smiling and laughing

Here's a video of Tyler "passing time"

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