Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Anxious

Tyler's hip surgery is in 2 days and I am beginning to feel anxious. I am not sure which is worse an emergency surgery or a planned surgery. Neither is fun, but there is something about a planned surgery that just worries me. There is just too much time to think about it, all the what if's and trying to stay healthy.

I like to plan things and make sure everything is in line. But how do you plan for surgery. Well so far:
We have our work schedules adjusted

We have our bags packed (kind of)

Hotel room booked for the night before surgery (so we don't have to drive 2 hours the morning of his surgery)

Tyler's school schedule adjusted (he will be out for approximately 3 weeks)

Normal therapy canceled and tentatively scheduled for when we are back home

I will have Tyler's blanket, his donkey that he sleeps with every night and some of his favorite toys packed.

That's the easy stuff though. It's the anticipation of Tyler going in for surgery that no parent wants their child to go through. But I know that God will be watching over him and I have to put my faith in him that everything will be okay.

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Kristen said...

I identify completely! In fact, I said to Mike, "Listen to this." as I proceeded to read the first paragraph to him. "Sound familiar?". A manly sigh and a groan, "Hmmm." told me he was remembering exactly those times when we felt like that. We've been there too. Cayman's 13 surgeries within 2 1/2 years of her life, some planned, some emergency...we know how tough each of those are in different ways.

Feeling for you and praying.