Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is it with balloons?

So I went to a birthday party a several weeks ago and when we left I got to take a balloon home. I'm not sure what it is about a balloon but they can entertain you for hours. They are so much fun. You can even rub them on your head and it makes your hair stand up. It doesn't work the best with my hair but it was pretty funny on mom. The only bad thing was I only got to play with it for only 2 days before it popped.

Also, it was time to change my background. I am ready for spring. I hope you like it!!


Kristen said...

Hitting the balloon with a bat, now that cracked me up and has me thinking that I bet Cayman would love to do that too. Her birthday is coming up soon. I will have to make sure there are balloons at her party so the fun can continue even days afterward...or at least for 2 more days that is before it pops. :)

Lisa said...

Guess what? Elisabeth just got her first balloon last week too! It actually had her laughing outloud...which doesn't happen too easily!

Glad you had so much fun Tyler!

Love the new background and I love that family photo!