Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas morning

Well I made it on Santa's nice list this year, because Christmas morning there was definitely gifts under the tree. He brought me some cool stuff but the best was probably an electronic keyboard. I love to "bang" around on my toys and especially the ones that play music. So this was pretty cool! The keys even light up which makes it even more appealing to me to want to "hit" the keys.

Some movies.Apparently I have another present coming, which will help me watch these movies up close (my own portable dvd player).

Oh my goodness. I think this one may eat me, it's so big.
I'm very excited about this one.


Kristen said...

I just learned yet another thing you and Cayman have in common. She too loves banging on toys, especially the musical ones. Santa brought her a whole collection of instruments and she loves them!!

You sure look like you were a very happy boy!

Lisa said...

Tyler and Elisabeth will have to play a duet together one of these days!

Molly said...

That present is giant! Tyler's face is just awesome. He's like "uhhh, I want to touch it but I'm scared it'll smoosh me!"

BTW I found you via Cayman's blog! (hiii Kristen)