Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New stroller

One of my birthday presents finally came in today. Mom and dad bought me a new stroller. My current stroller consists of a Kid Kart and an umbrella stroller. They both do their purpose but just don't meet all the requirements and easy access that mom wants. The Kid Kart offers all the support I need but is very bulky and honestly I have only used it as a stroller a few times for walks around the neighborhood. It is just so big to take it places and to get it in and out of the car is another story. So when we go places, we use my umbrella stroller. This stroller is very nice and compact; however it does not give me the support I necessarily need. The only problem we have with it is that I slouch in it. Mom even puts a piece of foam in the back of the stroller to give me a little more support for my back. So the research began on the perfect stroller for me. The result is perfect. I got a Maclaren stroller. This stroller is like an umbrella stroller but has a hard back. Within 30 minutes of the UPS guy dropping it off, mom and I was already walking around the block testing it out. It is so much more comfortable than the umbrella stroller.


Lisa said...

My neighbor had a stroller like that and I know she loved it.

Glad you found something just perfect!

The Soldatke family said...

I'm glad you found the MacClaren works for you! We are having stroller issues too!

I agree with you...we trialed a Kid Kart; but really didn't like it at all; big, cumbersome, UGLY, ya, you name it. We need more support than the MacClaren; but I really like it! We're hoping our Ottobock Kimba will do the trick!

Hope you have lots of fun strolling around the neighborhood!

Kristen said...

Tyler, you look mighty fine in your new stroller!

Diane, answer to your question:
The music you can hear playing in the video is from the light box. Not all of Homedics light boxes play music but some do. They have a couple different tunes on there, all very calming. It puts me to sleep.