Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Embarrassing moment

So yesterday I experienced probably one of my biggest embarrassing moment. It was a typical day, mom dropped me off at the babysitters and went on her way. Then I go to preschool from 12-3:15, the bus comes and picks me up and drops me back off at the babysitters after school. It usually goes pretty smoothly, however yesterday was a little different. Ms. Becky (my babysitter) fed me lunch, changed my diaper and put my foot splints and shoes on and then it was time to wait for the bus. It was about time so Ms. Becky picked me up and I guess within the little bit of time we were sitting there waiting, I decided to have a huge bowel movement. It was so bad that it was all up my leg and everywhere (very gross). Luckily the bus was running a little late, so Ms. Becky got my diaper changed but didn't get a clean pair of shorts on because the bus was waiting by this time. I also need to point out that it is not an easy task changing my diaper with my foot splints and shoes on either. So now on to my embarrassing moment. I WENT TO SCHOOL IN MY DIAPER!!! Ms. Becky threw a clean pair of shorts in my book bag and was going to have them dress me once I got to school, since I was already late. Even though it was mostly my fault and bad timing, I made it through the day and no one made fun of me.


Lisa said...

Oh goodness. That is a little embarrassing moment. But don't worry about it too much Tyler, we have all had our own embarrassing moments :)

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

That is a little embarrassing,but I'm sure you're the coolest kid in the class so everyone was wishing they had on just their diapers too.

I'm sure you make that look cool - no worries Tyler!