Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Zoo

Mom, dad and I went to the zoo today. Although it was very HOT, it was a lot of fun. Mom and dad were somewhat surprised I lasted as long as I did because the night before I was up from 2am to 5am. So they thought it would be a short trip, but I stuck it out and we saw almost everything. We missed the giraffes and the sea lions, but that's okay. We saw the bears, lions, tigers, zebras, monkeys, elephants, camels, kangaroos, penguins, hippos, butterflies, retiles and so much more. One of the nice things was going into the different houses (reptile, primates, etc) because they were air-conditioned. We also got to touch some stingrays which was pretty cool. So it was nice to cool off for a bit. But the best and probably the biggest highlight of the day was riding the carousel. It was my first time ever and it was so much fun. You go up and down and all around, it didn't get any better than that. Here are some pictures of our day.
Mom and I with the stringrays.

Touching the stingrays.. eww slimy!!

That's a BIG hippo!!

Riding the carousel.

This is the best!!!

EXHAUSTED!!! We live 2 hours from the zoo and I didn't fall asleep until we were 20 minutes from home. Go figure.

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Kristen said...

Tyler, your smile wins my heart every time! You were having a blast on that carousel.