Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So I love playing with mom or dad's phone. I especially like looking at the picture on the screen(of course it's a picture of me). I usually just look at it from every angle and thats about it. I get so mesmerized by it. Even when someones on the other line and talking to me, I will just look at it and wonder, where the heck that voice is coming from. Well today mom gave me her phone and I decided to talk into it. I have never really done that before. I kept saying "dada" but he never answered. I guess I don't quite have this whole phone thing figured out yet. Check out the video and you can see me in action.

Oh, and don't worry, mom is still trying to get a video of me swinging. So stay tuned.


Isaac said...

Good Job Tyler! It's great to hear you use your words like that!!!

Amber said...

Diana, He is so cute! :)
You describe yourself to the 't', Tyler! :) You sure have a great smile!

Have a fun day, Can't wait to see the video of you swinging!

Amber (Kingree)

Diana, Maybe we'll do lunch one day?

Michele said...

Tyler, I hope your mommy has a text messaging plan b/c that will be next!