Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I know I have told you before that I like to chew on my shirt. Well this phase is still going strong. Mom and dad are about fed up with me because I keep ruining my shirts. They try and give me my burpy to chew which lasts for awhile but I always resort back to the shirt. Apparently, I even do it in my sleep as you can see from the second picture. I don't know how long this phase is going to last but I know mom and dad are ready for it to go out the window.


Anonymous said...
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Monica said...

And now for a real comment.

Have you looked into chewey tubes?

Kristen said...

Tyler's choosiness in what he likes to chew reminds me of a story:

My little sister {Madison, she's 4} used to chew on one specific corner of her blanket. It became so gross and frayed, no washing or repairing could reconcile it. So when she wasn't looking my parents cut that part of the blanket off and hemmed the edge. The next time she had her blanket, she wanted to know "why's it missing?"

Tyler said...

Kristin, that's pretty good and clever of your parents. Maybe I will have to take one of his chewed up/holey shirts and see if that works.

Tyler's mom

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