Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not to much goin' on

Well I guess I better update since it has been awhile. Not much has been going on with me to report. However, mom and dad have a big chore ahead of them. About a month ago we had a pipe bust in the basement and ruined the wall and carpet. So this past weekend they finally got a start on the project. They removed the dry wall and part of the carpet. Hopefully next weekend they will be able to remove the remaining carpet. We are going to replace the carpet with tile since the basement leaks anyway when it rains hard. This way we do not have to worry about wet carpet anymore. So they are going to have there hands busy for the next several weeks.
Here's the damage

Dad removing the damage
There must be some spots on my camera (I really don't have a polka dot wall)
I also want to remind everybody to keep a few of my friends in their prayer, especially Melaina and Hayden.


pmp508 said...

Sad. You should call the extreme makeover team to remodel your whole house. They work miracles

Kristen said...

Oh what a mess! Hopefully once it's all done you'll love the new changes so much it will have been all worth it.

I know what the polka dots in the last picture are from...the debris in the air from the construction. It's crazy how the flash will illuminate it in a picture, when it can hardly be seen in person.

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Oh no! That stinks! Hopefully the home improvement project won't be too stressful and nothing unexpected pops up!

Happy to hear you're doing well! I love that chair! Perfect photo op!