Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pics of our Trip

Here are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy!!!

Welcome to Wisconsin!!!
The car ride


Ollie and me sleeping

The Lodge at Cedar Creek
Where we stayed

The indoor waterpark at the lodge

Our Family Suite

The Loft

Granite Peak (where we skiied)

Mom and Dad

Tori skiing for the first time in ski school


Ollie skiing


Ollie & Tori

Travis teaching Aunt Annie how to ski

Aunt Annie & Travis

Uncle Huts

Dad at the top of the mountain

Mom skiing

The Waterpark
Mom and me relaxing on the Lazy River

Tori waiting for the Big Bucket of water to fall

Tori getting splashed by the Big Bucket

Ollie going down one of the slides

Tori going down one of the slides

Ollie & Tori

Ollie & Tori in the kiddie pool area

Dad and me warming up


Kristen said...

All I can say is, "FUN FUN FUN!!!"

Anonymous said...

What fun you guys had.

Brooke & Keller