Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow days

If you don't live in the midwest, you probably are not aware of the weather we have been getting. It has been a mess. Ice, ice, and more ice and then add some snow on top of that ice. Luckily, we have not lost power (yet). I remember last year when the big ice storm came through and we lost power for 4 days. No fun at all. Even though mom was off today, we didn't get out and play in the snow. Maybe this weekend, because I am sure it will still be around. The nice thing about all this ice and snow is that we have been out of school. YEAH!! The only bad thing about it though is I haven't been getting any therapy either. So today mom took it into her own hands and worked with me for a straight hour. We worked on lifting my head up while on my belly and I did awesome. I have a video clip that I will add later. I also did a little bit of prop sitting and I did okay but I have done better. I also did a lot of imitating different sounds. So I guess I haven't really gotten off the hook.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had fun playing in the snow on your days off from school. Keller of course didn't get too.

Love ya,
Brooke & Keller