Sunday, December 07, 2008

New sounds

I have learned 2 new sounds lately and I have been trying to perfect them in the last couple of weeks. They are both pretty funny sounding. The first one is when I stick my tongue out and spit or some people call it blowing raspberries. It sometimes gets kind of messy and wet because spit goes everywhere. The other one is a sound that I make in the back of my throat. I call it my quacking noise because it sort of sounds like a duck. I am pretty intense with it though. I can't just easily make the quacking sound, I have to squint my eyes and make every effort to get just this little sound out. I sometimes try and then nothing comes out. Mom and dad say I look hilarious. Below is a little clip of me blowing raspberries. I was doing it constantly until mom grabbed the camera and then I would only do it after she made the sound. She is still trying to get video of me quacking, so stay tuned for that later. Enjoy!!

View this montage created at One True Media
Blowing Raspberries

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Isaac said...

Awesome Tyler! I also watched your video of you in your stander and it is funny how much you sound like me or I sound like you!!! Mom thinks it's very cool.
Have a great Christmas!