Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going to School

I got to do something pretty exciting today. Mom and I got to go to school. Apparently, after I turn 3, (which isn't that far away) I am supposed to go to school. Right now I am getting therapy through First Steps which is a program provided by the state, but only up to the age of three. So once I turn three, my therapy services will be provided by the school. So I got to check it all out today. I got to meet all my new therapists and some of the teachers. They all seem very nice and I think I will like it there once I get used to it. I didn't really show off for them today - because if I do now, how will I impress them later. I need to keep everyone on their toes and keep them guessing at what I will do next. I go back for another evaluation in two weeks, maybe I'll do a little extra something then.