Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Guess what? You won't believe what I did yesterday, I was even surprised. I SAID MY FIRST WORD!!!!! You probably can figure out what it is by the title, but it was da. And it wasn't just a freak occurance. I said it like five times in a row for mom and dad yesterday morning before they went to work and I haven't stopped saying it. Mom was so proud and dad was too. I even said it for Ms Brandy, my speech therapist and Ms Terri, my developmental therapist, today during therapy. They were very excited. I knew eventually I would get something out. But now mom of course wants me to say 'mama'. I'll try my best but I can't guarantee anything.
Of course, today is Halloween, and I am going to be Batman. I already started early trick-or-treating, I had to go by my grandma's work and to my friend Jenny's work and show off and then to therapy. Everyone thought I was adorable. I wasn't too fascinated getting all dressed up. Maybe I will be more in to it tonight when I go over to my other grandma house and my nephews house.

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