Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well, after 12 hours of being at the hospital and 2 different hospitals. I still am not sure why I have a fever. They think I may just have a flu. Wednesday afternoon, I broke out with a high fever, mom gave me some medicine and cooled me down a little bit. But after my nap, mom took my temperature again and it was back up again. So mom called the doctor and he told us to go to the ER since his office was already closed. He wanted us to go and get a scan done to make sure my shunt was still working okay. Well we get to the hospital about 5:00pm and finally got to see the doctor after 3 hours of waiting. Good thing it wasn't too much of an emergency. First they wanted to do some blood work and take a chest x-ray to rule out anything else. After several hours of waiting on that, everything came back okay. So now they said the only way to find out if the shunt had an infection was to tap the shunt. What they do with that is stick a needle in my head and pull out fluid from my shunt. The only problem is that the doctors down here in Cape don't do that. So they sent us up to Children's hospital to get that done. So now the time is 10:30pm. So that was pretty much a waste of 5 1/2 hours. At about 1:00 we got up to the hospital. And of course the waiting game continues. They did all the tests and scans they needed and all came back fine. The doctors said that I would just have to tough it out and there wasn't much they could do. So at 5:00am we headed back home. What a long day. But I was a tropper and was very good. I stayed awake most of the time and slept part of the way there and part of the way back. So today I took several naps to catch up on my beauty sleep.

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