Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Tadpole

Well if you are wondering from the title what my tadpole is....it is a positioning device for therapy. Last week, I came home to it sitting on my doorstep. Mom and I weren't sure what it was at first but were pretty excited we got a new present. I think the therapy fairy dropped it off for me. We got it out and started playing with it. Not really knowing how to use it, but we figured it out after reading the directions. But of course, I have that male instinct of not reading directions and I told mom not to worry about them. But finally she got the directions out and we were in business. Later, we found out that it didn't come from the therapy fairy but from my coordinator through First Steps (which is who I get my therapy through). First Steps bought it and my coordinator got her hands on it and wanted it to go to one of her kids...so I was the lucky one who got it. After using it, I don't think I am the lucky one. It's just another toy that makes you work. Supposedly, I am pretty lucky that I got it though, because they are very expensive. My speech therapist calls it the Mercedes beanbag. Someone told me it costs about $1000. Which sounds like pocket change to me but I don't have the concept of money yet. I am sure you'll see pictures of me sitting in it soon because mom has been taking tons of pictures.

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