Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On the Go!

I got to take my first road trip this past weekend. I went to visit my cousins, Ollie and Tori, in Peoria. I did very well. I slept most of the way and mom and dad only had to stop once for me to eat. But man was it a long trip, it took 5 1/2 hours. Once we got there it was much better. I got to stretch out and see my aunts and uncle. That first night though I didn't want to go to bed until midnight....what do you expect I slept the whole way up. On Saturday, I got to play with Ollie and Tori...well Ollie pretty much did his own thing and Tori just made me cry. She kept making these weird noises that scared me. But I got used to it and we ended up having a lot of fun. We all went out to eat and then Ollie made me a stuffed tiger and named him Ty. He's such a nice cousin. Mom and dad had to buy me a hat because it was sooo cold and windy. I also got to see my Aunt Annie and Uncle Dale. Sunday morning, we came home and I did pretty well on the way home. We stopped and ate in St Louis. But mom was in to much of a hurry because once she put me in the carseat I decided to spit up everywhere. So it took a little longer but other than that I had a great first road trip.

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