Thursday, June 13, 2013

Farewell cast

Tyler's thumb surgery was 5 weeks ago. Today was the big day to remove his cast and for us to get a first glance at his thumb. He was born with clasped thumbs (where the thumb stays in the palm of the hand). So we have never really seen his thumb out. He has never been able to grab things with ease or even give a thumbs up. He only had surgery on his left thumb. We will see how this one goes and then decide if it's worth doing the other. 

Tyler was definitely ready to part with his cast. And man, did he put that cast through the ringer. It was only a soft cast so it was getting very dirty and started to unravel in a few places. I really didn't think it would make it to the 5 week mark. But it did. 

He was a trooper when they removed the cast. Since it was a soft cast, they just snipped it off with scissors and then they removed the 2 pins that were in his thumb. I squirmed and made more of a big deal when he removed the pins than Tyler did. He didn't even flinch. 

The pins. 

We have grown accustomed to his thumbs being inside his palm his entire life that it's crazy to see his thumbs out. He now has a splint that he will have to wear most of the day and night for 2 weeks.

A much cleaner view.

His new splint. 


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